Claudia Bretschneider

Hi there! My name is Claudia and I'm a German junior frontend developer based in beautiful Barcelona. After 4 years of working on digital projects with a French startup - mainly in a marketing and product related role - I decided to become a freelancer and integrate my newly discovered passion for development in my work as well. Below you can find some projects I have been working on & I hope you'll enjoy them!

Sports Rights Solutions

Sports Rights Solutions supports IOC athletes by raising awareness and preventing harassment and abuse in sport. After major achievements with the Olympic games the consultancy decided to offer their services also to other players in the sports industry. For this occasion they wanted to create a website.

I had the opportunity to both design and develop the website by myself, having occasional feedback loops and briefings with the Managing Director and Project Manager of SRS.

Stack: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, jQuery

Visit the website

Grey Hat UPC (in progress)

Grey Hat is the cyber security association of the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, located in Barcelona.

Together with a friend from the association we created this first website draft that we will improve over the next couple of weeks.

Stack: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, jQuery

Visit the website

Validate (in progress)

Validate is a new web application that will be launched in 2020 as MVP. Due to the project still being in its initial development phase I am not able to share a website link or any further information about its purpose.

In a first stage I was involved in the UI design, now I am working with two senior developers on integrating these designs.

While the website is done with React and Firebase, my role isn't very funcionality-heavy but consist mostly of creating a pixel-perfect replication of the designs, full responsiveness and smooth interactions.

Stack: React.js, CSS

SuperHi Projects

SuperHi provides online courses for creatives and generally everyone who doesn't come from a technical background but wants to dive into code. I have taken many courses online with different providers, but SuperHi was my favourite so far as everything is learned by doing projects. This practical approach makes learning even more fun and motivating and the learning curve is steep. Below are some examples of my favourite pages that I built throughout the courses.


This project had has a goal to implement a smooth responsive experience as well as filters done with jQuery. The design and content had been provided.


Typechecker is a tool created with vanilla JS to test out different fonts and colours. It is not made responsive and based on the design of the course.

Coin Price

The goal of this non-responsive page was to use an API to get the coin price and to update it depending on the currency selected.


This project was focused on using vanilla JS to implement a function that either randomly or in a specific order updates the section with new slides.

freeCodeCamp Projects

I recently completed the Responsive Web Design Certification by freeCodeCamp (300 hours). This certification is based around HTML and CSS. The course projects don't look in any way as beautiful as the ones I made with SuperHi but were a good practice for writing clean code following their best practices.

Technical Documentation

A very simple page taking thedogapi as an example to create a clear and structured technical documentation page with a functional navigation sidebar.

Survey Form

This project wasn't focused on design but on the implementation of a survey form, proper use of labels and different types of input.


The remaining projects are all available on my CodePen profile.